Here are some of the comic-related things I’m looking forward to this year.

The Next Chapter in the Star Wars Saga
It was announced a year ago what fans had known would come after Disney, who owns Marvel, purchased LucasfilmStar Wars comics would move from Dark Horse to Marvel.  Now, the time has arrived for Marvel to step back into the Star Wars saga.  While I didn’t buy a lot of the very successful Dark Horse stuff, I am looking forward to checking out next week’s “Star Wars” #1.  Written by Jason Aaron with art by John Cassaday, this new “Star Wars” series takes place right after Star Wars:  Episode IV – A New Hope.  I’m also looking forward to “Star Wars:  Princess Leia,” a miniseries by Mark Waid and Terry Dodson.

The Next “Saga” Story Arc
As I said last week, last year I looked forward to every issue of “Saga.”  This year, starting in February, the second major “Saga” story arc continues with its second storyline.  With the cliffhanger of Issue #24, “Saga” #25 promises to be a big issue.  Talking to Comic Book Resources about what to expect, writer Brian K. Vaughan said, “New characters designed by Fiona [Staples, “Saga” artist], strange new worlds, and Lying Cat and friends embarking on an epic quest for dragon sperm.  What more could you ask for from a twenty-fifth issue, other than no gimmicky variants, and a badass wraparound cover from Fiona Staples at no extra cost?”

2015’s Blockbuster:  Age of Ultron
The teaser trailer gave fans chills.  We’re just a few months away from Marvel Studios’ next blockbuster:  Avengers:  Age of Ultron.  Last year, the studio proved they could take a group of relatively-unknown (to the general public) characters and make them the year’s biggest movie (talking about Guardians of the Galaxy, naturally).  Also, they showed that sequels could be great, too (Captain America:  The Winter Soldier).  Considering those points, Age of Ultron is a sure-fire hit.  And, I’m really looking forward to the complete picking-up-Thor’s-hammer scene and Hulk versus Hulkbuster.

And, the Next Chapter in the Star Wars Saga
Edging out Avengers:  Age of Ultron in a Fandango Most Anticipated 2015 Movie survey, Star Wars:  Episode VII – The Force Awakens promises to continue the saga that many of us grew up with.  Its teaser trailer brought up a lot of questions; many of which I can’t wait to have answered.  While that’s 11 months away (December 18), I think it’ll be worth the wait.  As many have said, it’s great to see the Falcon flying again.

A Few More to Look Toward
As mentioned above, Marvel Studios can do no wrong, so fingers crossed for Ant-Man (in theaters July 17).  The ant-sized teaser trailer was a cool move.  Also, “Archie” by Waid and Staples and “Fight Club 2” should be big this year.


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