Of course, today is a day of looking back, preparing to look forward, so here is my favorite comic series of 2014:  “Saga.”

It seems a bit cliché to pick Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples’ epic space opera; it’s been on must-read lists since its debut in March 2012.  The series has won multiple comics-related awards:  three 2013 Eisner Awards (Best Continuing Series, Best New Series, and Best Writer), six 2013 Harvey Awards (Best New Series, Best Continuing or Limited Series, Best Single Issue or Story [for “Saga” #1], Best Writer, Best Artist, and Best Color), and three 2014 Eisner Awards (Best Continuing Series, Best Writer, and Best Painter/Multimedia Artist).  “Saga” Volume 1 (collecting Issues #1-6) won a 2013 Hugo Award for Best Graphic Story.

But, I think “Saga” has had an especially good year, because I thought the transition from the third story arc (“Saga” #13-18) to the fourth (“Saga” #19-24) was going to destroy it.

When it was announced that the third arc would close the book on infant Hazel (the child of the star-crossed lovers Alana and Marko, for those of you who might not have experienced the comic yet) and the epic story that has won so many awards, I didn’t think it would sustain the power of the previous story.  Obviously, I was wrong.

Without giving anything away to new readers, Vaughan and Staples have taken “Saga” to another level.  I looked forward to each issue this year and can’t wait to see what the new year brings (“Saga” #25 is scheduled to hit shelves on February 4, 2015).

Also, Staples created one of my favorite covers of the year, “Saga” #23, seen here:



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