“Future Imperfect” was a blog about comics and comics related stuff (see below). I didn’t stick with it for long, and the blog has laid dormant for years.

Now, I’m rebranding it. Still named “Future Imperfect,” the blog will about my writing. I’ve recently had success having five flash fiction/short stories published. I’m also having a poem published soon.

I’ll be promoting and discussing my writing, so I hope you find it interesting. (I will probably still include some comics commentary too.)

Previous Mission Statement

“Future Imperfect” is a blog about the past, present and future of comics and comics related stuff.

Why “Future Imperfect”?  Simply, it’s one of my favorite Hulk stories.  Written by Peter David with art by George Perez, “Future Imperfect” is about a future where the Hulk has become stronger and changed his name the Maestro.  Rick Jones sends his granddaughter back to bring “Professor” Hulk (a version of the Hulk that was in Hulk’s form, but had Bruce Banner’s mind) to the future to stop Maestro.

Though I’m going to blog about the past and present of comics, there will be some mention of comics’ future, so there you have it about the title.

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