Two of my stories were published between Christmas and New Year’s.  (I also had another story accepted that week.)  The stories were “The Online Auction” and “Loss,” which is the one I want to write about today.  It was published by Literally Stories. “Loss” is a story about a man experiencing different types of loss:  … Continue reading “Loss”

Rebranding/Rebooting “Future Imperfect”

"Future Imperfect" was a blog about comics and comics related stuff.  I didn't stick with it for long, and the blog has laid dormant for years. Now, I'm rebranding/rebooting it.  Still named "Future Imperfect," the blog will about my writing.  I've recently had success having five flash fiction/short stories published.  I'm also having a poem … Continue reading Rebranding/Rebooting “Future Imperfect”