Welcome to “Future Imperfect,” a blog about the past, present and future of comics and comics related stuff.

Why “Future Imperfect”?  Simply, it’s one of my favorite Hulk stories.  Written by Peter David with art by George Perez, “Future Imperfect” is about a future where the Hulk has become stronger and changed his name the Maestro.  Rick Jones sends his granddaughter back to bring “Professor” Hulk (a version of the Hulk that was in Hulk’s form, but had Bruce Banner’s mind) to the future to stop Maestro.  Two things about the story have always stuck with me.  There is a two-page spread of Jones’ “museum room.”  His collection includes Mjolnir (Thor’s hammer), Spider-Man’s webshooters, parts of Iron Man’s armor, Captain America’s shield, Wolverine’s skeleton, among other important artifacts from the Age of Heroes.  It’s one of the greatest two-page spreads ever.  Second is the twist at the end, which is all I will say about that.


Though I’m going to blog about the past and present of comics, there will be some mention of comics’ future, so there you have it about the title.





One thought on “Welcome to Future Imperfect

  1. I await with interest your opinions on why the future of comics are imperfect! Welcome to the world of blogging!

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