Rebranding/Rebooting “Future Imperfect”

"Future Imperfect" was a blog about comics and comics related stuff.  I didn't stick with it for long, and the blog has laid dormant for years. Now, I'm rebranding/rebooting it.  Still named "Future Imperfect," the blog will about my writing.  I've recently had success having five flash fiction/short stories published.  I'm also having a poem … Continue reading Rebranding/Rebooting “Future Imperfect”

Is the Marvel Universe Really Ending?

Last week, Marvel announced the three umbrella titles that will take place during “Secret Wars”:  “Last Days,” “Battleworld” and “Warzones.” “Last Days” is just that:  The last days of the Marvel Universe.  “What would you do if you leaned today was your last day on earth?” asked Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso in a press release.  … Continue reading Is the Marvel Universe Really Ending?

Comic Book Fanaticism Is Real

Last week, I posted some comments about the Charlie Hebdo attacks, suggesting that an attack on the comic book industry is a possibility.  My comment was about creator-owned comics pushing boundaries.  But it has been pointed out that fanaticism exists in men-in-tights comics. In the Comic Book Resources column “Fridays…with Greg Hatcher,” Hatcher mentions that scary … Continue reading Comic Book Fanaticism Is Real