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It's been since November since I've posted anything, but things have been slow. I'm still waiting for my poem "23 Years Sober" to be published by Measure:  A Review of Formal Poetry.  It should be in the next issue which should be out soon. I have been writing.  Have finished two flash fiction/short stories. The Alt-Rock … Continue reading Update

What Stan Lee Taught Us

Stan Lee's characters taught readers many things: being tolerant (X-Men), being a teenager (Spider-Man and X-Men), being brave, couragous, and standing up for people (Captain America), being a perfect family isn't perfect (Fantastic Four), and (especially for me) being able to hold in your anger until it explodes (Hulk). Thanks Stan! Excelsior!

New Project

I've started a new project I'm calling "alt-rock poems." I picture it as a chapbook of 10-15 poems that are inspired by alt-rock from the early 90s. I have a good start on five of them. I decided the notebook I'm writing in needed some decoration to fit the theme.